This is one country where men do not hesitate to strike up conversation with single women and solo women travelers are nothing new. Go sample a beer or lose yourself into Ireland’s dreamy landscape.


Maybe it is the prevalent Buddhism culture that is to blame for Thailand’s hospitality. Spas at super low rates, endless activities to exploit, shopping, the beaches turn Thailand a perfect place to unwind.

Costa Rica

If you’re thy type who enjoys good adventure, surfing, hiking nd beautifully serene beaches, then Costa Rica is for you. Rated as one of the happiest and safest places to visit, Costa Rica is a balance of adventure and relaxation.


Known to be one of Europe’s most expensive countries, Iceland seems to be balanced in urban fabulousness and natural beauty. With the perfect combination of good food, friendly people, culture and gorgeous landscapes Iceland effortlessly makes a place in this list.

Amsterdam- Netherelands

Everybody knows English, renowned for its human rights and tolerance, rich Dutch history, diverse tourist attraction. Enough said.

Sydney- Australia

Travelling solo women are not an uncommon in the land of the Kangaroos. Sydney will have you meet loads of backpackers and travelling solo women, friendly locals with no language barrier, the stunning Opera House, so much to see and so much to do, Sydney cannot be missed!