We had our Tomorrowland and Tomorrowworld editions of Women We Love, now’s the time for the Women We Loved at Sunburn Festival Goa 2013! Asia’s biggest music festival had countless experience zones and was deemed 10 times bigger and the promise was delivered. What’s a festival without the beautiful lovely women? Our team caught hold of a few women we absolutely loved at the music festival. Most of the women sported various different style statements while some of them stuck to the original music festival look. Here’s our top picks:

1) For the love of the DSLR

We often spot women who just love their photography so well. We kept coming across this beautiful girl with a Canon 600D often roaming in florals.

2) Sunburn love from the far east

Xia Ting says she travels across Asia for music festivals but nothing beats Sunburn. Her love for the festival was evident by the decibels her cheering reached.

3) Wild wild west Rodeo Chic

We came across this bold woman at the experience zone trying out a rodeo stint. 29 seconds is what she lasted but she indeed lasts for a long time in our top polls!

4) The Live Love Dance trifold

These 3 girls surely knew how to Live Love & Dance at Sunburn Festival.

5) Simply perfectly random

How often do you find someone so randomly dressed, it actually impresses you so much? Half Aztec skirts with printed tang tops was her mantra.

6) The stage traveler

Alina had pre sorted her whole stage schedule out at the festival. We caught her hopping at almost every possible stage. Perhaps a crazy fan of many artists, her simply look which she claims was inspired from the StyleMag Style guide meant we could not resist but feature her!

7) Happy Feet

This girl simply could not stop dancing. A powerhouse during DJ SHAAN’s set, she surely has the attitude to be in the list!

8) Strike a pose

Women, yes, they all strike a pose. None so more cute than this girl who we bumped into at the cubezoid stage.

9) The Subtle and elegant

While some opt to dress vividly, this beautiful lady from Denmark chose to dress more elegant and yet catch our eye.

10) The Psy Raver girls

At the top ofthe hill was placed the Psy Stage which gave a whole overview of the festival. We spotted these two ravers right before Ace Ventura’s set.

11) Cuteness overload

Oh.So.Cute.Enough Said.

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