March 12, 2014

Beauty lies in the back of the holder. Or so say stats from the latest Manish Malhotra show, which heralded the haute beginning of yet another LFW edition. Held last night, it was a smorgasbord of all things summer-resort for men and women both. We aren’t just saying this; we have pictures for proof!

Cue stunning sarees

Traditional lehengas

And bedazzling suits

The same scintillating style transcended into simpler suits

Blushing gowns even.

Meanwhile, their collective fronts glared at us in their plain yet oh-so-fresh lore!

But when we got inside the glittering lair where all of celebritydom gathered (no surprises there), there was a whole lot more that we discovered. First, that none other that stellar starlet Sonakshi Sinha brought sexy-back, well, back.

And that there was floral glamor galore, everywhere from men’s jackets to women’s frocks!

We’re loving how the pattern contemporizes all things from blouses to zippered crops.

But behold men’s jacket collars where the print can be seen playing a sartorial peek-a-boo of sorts.

For the bold and the handsome, however, there is out and out ivory-tastic with quirky pocket squares on offer.

Here’s a closer look at all things men by MM this season.

As for the lovely ladies who’re confused between floral fantasy and embroidery enticement, here’s our pick for the summer.

Photos by: Ridhiin Panchmatia