When you’ve got 15 stages, over 400 artists and thousands of fans attending the 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland, you know where to find them in large numbers. So often, music is what people come for at any music festival. Tomorrowland boasts an artist lineup that comprises of the top DJs in the world and also some of the most talented debutants too. Each stage has a large capacity with the Mainstage being able to hold the max.

However, Tomorrowland is more than just a music festival. The organizers at ID&T  have always believed to provide attendants with more than just music.  Since the festival site spans across a massive radius, attendants are required to walk long distances at times. But that itself becomes a journey of it’s own. Because with every step, there is some attraction, activity going on that will keep you glued to the festival spirit.

Read on as we take you through the life away from the stages at Tomorrowland, where we cover most of the non musical activities and attractions that are present at the festival.

Special Edit: Before you check out how we summarize an epic collection of off music points, have a look at our Get Ready for Tomorrowworld special Video!

and now, here’s to life away from the stages at Tomorrowland…

The Wall Of Love

Present right opposite the Radio Modern Grand Theater was the Wall Of Love, a place where friends, couples, loved ones and even strangers came together to express, well, obviously Love. The Wall Of Love saw special, loving moments being exchanged including kisses aplenty.

Tarot Card Reading

Present right next to the Wall Of Love was the Tarot Card Reading Tent. Anxious fortunes, fortunate Fortunes, and many more. People queued up in numbers to see what the Key To Happiness had in store for them.

Tomorrowland TV Artist Area

Ever wondered where those colorful, fantasy-esque interviews of all the artists and DJs happen? Well, it all happens right here, at the Tomorrowland TV Artist Area. The setup is so colorful and creative, it reminded us of Candyland. Perfect place for artists to relax and get interviews done. Way better than a broadcasting studio, isn’t it?

The Brussels Airlines Cloudrider

Situated right behind the Opera Stage which played host to the Carl Cox & friends, Super You & Me, Dave Clark stages on 3 days, The Cloudrider is a giant ferris wheel that gives you a ride to conquer every sight of Tomorrowland. It gives you an almost bird’s eye view of the whole festival spanning from the Opera Stage till the end of the Mainstage. The Queues are quite long for this one. Bet you wait in line pretty much in advance next year

Tomorrowland Radio

Broadcasted LIVE during both weekends of Tomorrowland, the Radio station which was placed right next to the Artist Village gave constant updates of every set, artist insights, set timings and more. It even had Guest Mixes and artists coming in to speak to their fans. Seemed the busiest zone of them all, big ups to the RJ!


Music Meets Food – A unique dining experience which was presented by a top-chef who joined forces with a Tomorrowland headliner to serve you some great food, matching the music & atmosphere. Each day, 3 sessions of 1 hour were organized with a max capacity of 50 guests. We witnessed 2 sessions with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Martin Garrix B2B Wolfpack.

The Post Office

Care to send a special message to a friend, loved one or anyone? Tomorrowland provided it’s own verison of a Post Office with beautiful girls who would help you choose a Tomorrowland post card to send your personal message on.

The Secret Message Flower Girls

These beautiful girls were spotted at many places at the festival. Dressed in beautiful pink dresses, with flower head accessories, they provided people with micro mini sized scrolls which would open up into wisdom messages. Seemed quite fun as we got our wisdom messages every day!

Entertainers Galore

Tomorrowland is a magical place indeed. To have the fantasy hold on you, there are numerous entertainers who are dressed up in various ways present at various locations at the festival. We came across men on stilts, the beautiful cake girls and the polaroid photographer crew among many more.


Care for a game of Poker to make some extra cash? Tomorrowland even had a poker arena which constantly had many participants. It seemed like the perfect way to make some extra cash for more coins and tokens if you ran out of them from your booze bag. Who would have wondered?

The One World Bridge

Arne Quinze, one of the most famous Belgian modern artists, known world-wide for building enormous and surrealistic public art installations, designed a unique bridge together with Tomorrowland. This piece of art is 600 meters long and has a central statue of 25 meters high, symbolizing ‘freedom’ in all possible ways. The bridge has personalized messages carved on it which were submitted by fans from around the world via the official website.

Food, Food & more Food

Who could forget the delicious food zones present at the festival? From Italian Food to Belgium Fries and Burgers, from Smoothies to Croquettes, the food zones had it all. Here’s a complete list of all the food varieties : http://www.tomorrowland.com/en/special-food

After reading through all this, would you need any more reason to not attend the next edition of Tomorrowland? We hope so not!
If you missed out, you can attend Tomorrowworld at Atlanta, USA in September. Visit www.tomorrowworld.com for more info.
Or you can also pre register for tickets to attend the first ever Tomorrowland Brazil edition. Visit www.tomorrowlandbrasil.com for more info.

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