While music is the prime focus at a music festival, it is as a matter of fact, beyond just listening to your favourite numbers. It’s about being part of a huge social group that comes  together for a love they all share. Mind-boggling décor, talented entertainers and super stalls make Tomorrowland not just an aural but also a visual delight. It gives women an excuse to dress their quirky best with the dress code that says happy-being-weird.

With the venue filled with thousands of ravers, here are the top 10 girls who made it to our list of the most eye-catching women at the 10th edition of Tomorrowland.

1)The Charlie’s Angels

Near the Trance Addict Stage on 25th July

At Tomorrowland, women like to keep it short. The bubbly girls put on their dancing shoes, and flaunted their legs in  short shorts and thigh-high slits. Fringed sling bags were another common element of their sisterhood.


2) Goddess of Nature

Near the Lotto Dream Island stage on 26th July

This girl looked like a modern-day Mona Lisa with her enchanting, deep smile. With that serene look on her face, a floral wreath on her head and a blue handheld fan, she looked as eye-catching as a shooting star.


3) The Beach Babe

Near the Tomorrowland Bridge on 19th July

She looked perfectly colour co-ordinated in a white-and-gold bikini top, denim shorts and pink accessories. Blue reflective aviators added to her beach look. How often do you get to dance while sun-bathing?


4) The Indigo Bunting

At the Q Dance Stage on 26th July

The girl looked like a mystical midnight beauty dressed in acid washed denims and blue feathered crop top. A black handheld fan, grey framed sunnies and headband added to her starry-night look. Blue feathers of happiness.


5) The Girl In White Floral Wreath

Flower Girls who gave away special small scrolls with wisdom messages near the ‘I Love the 90s Stage’ on 25th July.

The green-eyed flower girl looked like an angel in a wreath made from white flowers and twigs. Messy blow-dried hair added to her natural undone look. Feisty flair!


6) She Likes Them Wayfarers

Near the Paradise Stage on 18th July

The girl in a pink tank had an air of rebel and mystery around her. Black wayfarers restricted from giving away things her eyes could reveal. A ring she wore as a pendant seems to have its own story to tell. Tight-lipped, she caught our attention amidst the crowd.


7) The Crochet Girl

Near Mainstage Dancing and being Filmed by TOmorrowland TV crew on 26th July

The smokin’ hot girl knows the trends right. She paired a crochet lace bikini top with high waist nightwear-like shorts, hemmed with black lace. Oversized sunglasses added to her modish attire.


8) The Ethnic Beauty

Near Mainstage on 27th July

She looked eccentric in a  statement oxidised neck piece. Minimalist make-up and thick brows added more elegance to her ethnic look.


9) The Sassy Sailor Girl

Near Mainstage on 26th July

The girl looked like a whiff of hot air in micro denim shorts and a 90s style printed crop top. What stole the show would be the addition of a sailor cap to her ensemble. Women in uniform, sexy much?


10) Awesome Threesome

Dim Mak Stage VIP on 25th July

The cheerful trio grooved in halter neck outfits with plunging necklines. Messy hair and minimal make-up added to their tangy sexiness.