While we have already spoken of the artists, the décor, the life away from the stages and much more regarding the Tomorrowland 2014, we cannot get closure on this beautiful dream unless we talk about fashion. We saw some of the strangest, most hilarious and mind boggling costumes that it would be only fair to acknowledge the efforts.

We put on our fashion police hats and put their fashion choices to test.

1) The Mad Hatter

Dressed in a floral ensemble, the girl looked like as fresh as ever in printed sunglasses and  an oversized black Mexican looking hat with yellow gold embroidery. We love the statement hat, protection and chic at one felt swoop.

2) The Noah’s Ark

The gang hilariously dressed as animals except for one guy. He decided to pose as the butcher. Not a common sight to see animals and the butcher getting along so well.

3) The Mexican Jay

The girl decided to be a blue bird for a day as she adorns a feathered crop top and denims. We are absolutely in love with the colour palette of this look. Indigo blue, black and grey. Perfecto!

4) The Tattoo Girls

We love the tattoo on the side of her upper thighs and we assume that it reaches upto her lower stomach. She flaunts it well in hot shorts and a crop top.

The girl seems confident about her colourful floral tattoo on her arm in a black crochet lace crop top and denim shorts. Tattoo loving, much?

5) Sweetness Overdose

The pretty girls dressed in feminine shades of blue and pink at Tomorrowland. The girl on the left wore a pink tube dress with belted waist and the one the right wore a pastel blue pineapple motif dress. We love their large balloon-like headgears. Head-to-toe sweet!

6) The Social Butterflies

The girls walked down the stairs in shorts, tee and butterfly wings. Fly now, won’t you?

7) Tomorrowland Tribe

The men went tribal in shorts and nomadic headgear. All except one skipped shirts. We especially love the way the third guy from the left pouts. Selfie-ready all the time!

8) Men in Yellow Frames

The happy trio had a common cult in their gang- the bright yellow frame sunglasses. They look super goofy and super cute!

9) The Patriot


Could he be wearing any more of his country’s flag on him? White ganjee, flag-print shirt, sunnies and a huge hat made him took patriotism to a whole new level at Tomorrowland.

10) The Drama Students

“Thou shalt be missed, because thy seat will be empty.” This Roman attire, with white tunic and magenta velvet capes make them look as Shakespeare-sque as ever. Things we’ll miss about Tomorrowland till next year.

11) Flinstone Brothers

Makes us feel we are back to the 90s era of flinstones. Brown fringed jackets, feathered head accessories make them look uncivilised and raw. Pretty fancy!

12) Grunge Girl

The girl knows her trends well. The ’90s grunge style has made a comeback and she is sure as hell to not miss it. A stack of bracelets and an antique oxidised watch bring out the grunge look in her. Perfect for a music fest, isn’t it?

13) Drunk Warriors

Troy, oh Troy! These are the warriors of love. It looks like somebody erased the sword and replaced it with a glass of beer. Such rare sight.

14) The Pink Swans

Is it just me or something is seriously wrong with this costume? One of the hilarious things you come across at Tomorrowland.

15) Bisou Bisou

Don’t we absolutely love her gold fore headband and earrings. That and the sweet kisses she blew us. Big kiss back!