While there are a lot of elegant high street brands to choose from, but if you need to get some quirk on, those just won’t suffice. If your style is eccentric and your home looks like a sanctuary for all things unique; if often your friends seem to feel lost in visual delight then either you know atleast a few of these brands. If not, then you really ought to.

Here are the top 8 quirky brands that make it to our fab list.

1) Happily Unmarried

Happily Unmarried is a New Delhi based fun lifestyle brand established in the year 2003 by Rajat Tuli and Rahul Anand. Inspired by Indian pop culture, the quirky brand focuses on India-centric product designs with witty slogans. Targeting the taste of young Indians, Happily Unmarried has created a wide collection of eye-catching products from household items to clothes. It does not matter whether you are unmarried or not, this brand is a must buy.

2) Chumbak

The thought-provoking idea of fridge magnets was enough for this cool Indian brand to gain popularity with a kick-start in the year 2009. The brainchild of Vivek and Shubhra has spread its wings across 9 cities within the country.  A cool array of fridge magnets, keychains, bobble heads, tshirts and boxer shorts, coffee mugs, phone cases and laptop sleeves will surely perplex you what to pick, once you drop in a Chumbak Store. The vibrant Indian Kitsch Art inspired designs allows the brand to create an unique identity.

3) Quirk Box

The eccentric fashion and lifestyle label founded by Jayesh Sachdev and Rixi Bhatia is synonymous with innovation. Defining bright and lively color palette complementing unique and exclusive illustrations is the soul purpose of Quirk Box. Adorned  by celebrities and models, this brand has been a hit on runways too. Steal your favorite celeb’s style without burning a hole in your pocket!

4) Play Clan

A fusion of fashion, art and design, Play Clan’s collections depicts everyday observations in cheerful colors. The brand believes in rejoicing life and Indian subculture. Apart from offering home accessories, apparel, gifts and stationery items, the fun label also takes keen interest and has been successful in creating wall graphics (“Phoolwali” graphics at a private residence in New Delhi). Blending traditional roots with contemporary outlook the brand has collaborated with eminent labels such as Paul Smith, Denizen by Levi’s, The Stan Smith, Absolut and many more to be listed.

5) Shor Sharaba

Perfectly matching the brand name, Shor Sharaba’s product range incorporates  loud and bold elements with a vintage look. With an amazing collection of clutches, cushion covers, laptop sleeves, handbags, bedcovers, etc., Shor Sharaba also gives you an opportunity to personalize your gifts with your own quotes and prints. Wouldn’t you love to flaunt your custom-made Shor Sharaba?

6) The Elephant Company

Showcasing elegance and magnificence of Indian tribal art, The Elephant Company aims at designing captivating products. Love for ethnicity is purely inscribed in all the products. Indigenous Warli art and temple elephant paintings on the products defines the rich Indian heritage. To add a touch of elegant warmth to every inch of your house, this is the brand you must try.

7) India Circus

Krsna Mehta’s India Circus based in Mumbai juxtaposes India’s royal past with  urban-scape. Indian oriented designs in bold colors creates a sophisticated feel. India Circus offers elite designs with affordable style ranging from home decor to personal accessories. To cherish impeccable quality and distinct creation, one must opt for India Circus.

8) Pink Jalebi

The brand name combining quirky color with Indian taste is ought to have an essence of creativity. Portraying pop culture, mythology and traditional art of India, the brand includes an array of amusing silk sling bags, scarfs, mobile cases, laptop sleeves, etc.

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