September is here and we all know how it brings along the anxiety of swapping our summer wardrobes with a Fall/winter one. A true fashionista definitely understands the significance of getting the best of Fall fashion during pre-fall. It’s almost like a race of who gets there first.

While the September Shopping Syndrome can have adverse effects on your bank account, here’s how you can shop smart and not end up with expensive things you’ll never use.

1) Do Your Research on Season’s Hottest Trends

Grab this month’s copy of Vogue; read online articles on season’s hottest trends; check out tons of images of street style! This is the pre-shopping step you must take in order to ensure you are up-to-date with upcoming trends. However, it is important to not go overboard with it. Pick trends that match your personal style and makes you feel comfortable.

2) Take a Good Look at Your Closet

Now is the time you do the walk of shame to your outdated closet and just stare for a good while. Make a mental note of things you can easily wear come fall and of the ones you will have to give up on. If you are keen on buying that leather skirt, see if you have a shirt that goes with it and so on. You will not end up buying a separate you have nothing to match with.

3) Make a wish list

Once you are done with understanding the trends and analyzing your own personal closet, make a list of items in order of priority. This will help you maintain your focus on what you need rather than getting distracted with all things glossy.

4) Find Out Sales

Now this is where you have to make a smart move. Today’s consumers have a lot of options to choose from. Find out where you can get the things you need. For leather bottoms you might want to go to Forever 21, Zara for jackets and Forever New for lace dresses. Check if there are any online sales happening that will offer you cheaper options.

5) Phone-a-friend

Once you know what to get, where to get it from, your last step should be getting your BFFs along for shopping. She will keep a check on your list and help you make the right choice. We all need a 2nd opinion after all. That and for all the fun, unwinding you will experience will be worth the effort.