With the vision of re-defining extravagant lifestyle in India, the iconic leather brand – Hidesign launched its unique concept store at the Bangalore International Airport. Being the 5th store at an airport across India and the 10th exclusive store in Bangalore, the store is an elegant amalgamation of art and architecture, designed by the Hidesign architecture team. Creating an appealing ambience featuring a teakwood cash counter with a solid wood canopy touching the ceiling, wooden display shelves and custom-made solid brass display racks, the store is worth adoring.

Overwhelmed with the excitement of the launch, Dilip Kapur, President of Hidesign says “The new Hidesign retail outlet at the terminal showcases the brand’s iconic products. This store is especially designed for the airport and tells a story about our values and the city of Pondicherry. Most of the space is designed using leather and natural wood and we had to get it especially made to be fire resistant”.

The store displays an exclusive array of luxury products including handbags for women, duffels and travel bags on wheels, laptop bags, messengers, cross bodies and briefcases for men along with the recently launched sunglasses and a range of small leather goods including wallets, belts, and card holders.


The exquisitely designed space for the first time will narrate the brand story through a huge display screen placed at the store, also demonstrating the making of the product at the eco-friendly Hidesign atelier through specially produced videos.

The wooden floors have been embedded with an illustrated map of Pondicherry and plaques of the city’s street names showcasing the brand’s heritage.


The well-designed store dedicates an exclusive space for the 3 designers of the brand- Dilip Kapur, Alberto Ciaschini and Fabian Lintott highlighting their photographs and quotes on their design sensibilities on the display shelves. The concept of nature wall witnesses the brand’s green story showcasing the foliage, water bodies and fauna at Hidesign in Pondicherry.

The virtual journey is incomplete without the actual experience. Next time you’re at the Bangalore International airport, do witness the luxury of the exclusively designed space