Nocturnal Wonderland, America’s massive electronic music festival witnessed its 19th year of raving madness washing over the tapping feet of thousands of groove-lovers. It took place in Southern California on the first weekend of September, 2014 as more than 50, 000 music enthusiasts participated in making the event truly a festival.

With a mind-boggling artist line up including celebrated names such as 3lau, Candyland, Cash Cash, Green Lantern, High Contrast, Martin Garrix, Nicky Romero and more, the festival was if anything every bit of aural pleasure.

However, with ravers dressing their wackiest, our visual senses were taken for a treat. Here are Stylemag’s favourite ravers who livened up the ambience at Nocturnal Wonderland.

1) Here’s Waldo!

While playing characters is a usual thing at music fests, isn’t this guy wearing the most unexpected role? Waldo, the star of Where’s Waldo series had us all enthralled with his geeky looks yet an unsettling sense of adventure and travel. And don’t we just love the overdose of those candy beads? The lady in white bustier and rave fluffies looks like a fallen angel. Such a sight!


2) The Blue-Feather Bird

Raving in the madness, this lady here dressed in blue fringed two-piece, and a yellow forehead band exuded a vibe of a beautiful nomad or a wanderer.


3) Deadmau5 FanGirl

We couldn’t help but notice the big giant deadmau5 head this girl was sporting. She complemented the head with blue fluffies and lots of candy beads. Seen things are pretty, those unseen (her face!) must be prettier!


4) We Heart It

This lady seemed to be in great spirits as she grooved to her favourite tunes dressed in splashes of multi-colour. And don’t we absoultely love candy beads? Seems like a festival favourite to us!


5) Creatures Of The Sea

These two girls, who happened to be the best of friends enjoying a couple of drinks and great music dressed in a bikini top layered by a seashell-like structure, hot shorts tailed with tulle and fishnet stockings. Natural beach waves complemented their exaggerated seashore look.


6) Two Hot Dogs Please!

This groupie rather tickled our funny bone, with some of them being dressed as hotdogs and some as Heinz ketchup. If you are confused what to be at a music fest, oh what the hell, just be food. Everybody loves food!


7) Bead And Shine

While one is all about candy beads, the other takes upon herself to shine! We love her beaded mouth mask and the fancy sunnies. And we love her friend for…err shining!


8) Gang Of Girls

These four ladies dressed in matching dazzling Lacey monochrome bikini tops looked cute, pretty, charming, insanely hot all in one! And those cosy, warm fluffies made the look like angels.


9) The Hippies

Dressed in hot shorts and pretty necklaces, adorning hippie-like bindis, these ladies were in full spirit and looked like the cutest hippies we had seen all day. Keep hoping around, you!


10) Mad Caps

With the girls in their bikini tops and tutu cover up skirts, and caps, they exuded a sense of chic carelessness one can witness only at a music fest. Also, we love their comfortable shoes!


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