With TomorrowWorld2014 just days away, StyleMag is here to help you stay ahead of the curve. Read on for a spotlight on Dreamville, the pop-up city that 40,000 of the festival’s attendees will call home. What better way to bring your summer festival season to a close than a stay in this immersive festival experience?

DreamVille promises a round-the-clock, seamless continuation of the entertainment and enchantment of the TomorrowWorld Festival. In addition, organizers have elevated the concept of festival camping by bringing simplicity and ease to the entire process. Dreamville’s spectrum of amenities and perks make sleeping outdoors an accessible option for everyone and their offering of activities, arts, and encounters expands this party weekend into a full-blown cultural experience. Here are some of the highlights that set Dreamville apart from your standard festival campground.

The Accommodations

From the jump, Dreamville distinguishes itself from its competitors by providing an unprecedented number of camping options using a somewhat novel system. First, most other festivals offer two, occasionally three tiers of on-site lodging. Positing camping against so-called ‘glamping,’ some other festivals stick to a two-tier system, creating a massive disparity in both amenities (i.e. port-o-potties, a tent-sized area of grass and BYOEverything vs. air-conditioned restrooms with showers, actual beds with mattresses and unlimited cocktails and massages) and in price (VIP accommodations can cost as much as ten times the cost of basic camping).

In a refreshing change of pace, Dreamville offers several tiers of lodging at a range of price points and then allows for even more flexibility within those price points with their system of upgrades and add-ons. So, below you will find a general idea of what Dreamville has to offer – and since the event is only days away and I’d imagine (and hope) that your overnight plans have already been made, I will keep it concise. (For a list of Dreamville tips, click here)

Dreamville Tent Camping the most basic and least expensive experience offered, is the most akin to traditional festival camping where campers bring their own supplies, but it is not without a bit of a TW spin. Their “European-style camping” aims to maximize the efficient use of the space by eliminating car camping completely and enforcing rules like requiring suggested tent occupancy match the actual number of campers in your site, only allowing EZ-up tents if they determine there is enough extra space and prohibiting open fires.

BUT, where Dreamville taketh away, they also giveth. They more than make up for the camping rules by incorporating amenities – like community bbq pits; where they make an exception to the open flame rule and provide charcoal, grilling utensils and picnic tables, at no additional cost – and add-ons – like the Friendship Camping Add-on; which allows groups of 10 or more to share a dedicated spot in a reserved camping area, regardless of the timing of their arrival. This is an incredibly convenient option for larger groups who inevitably encounter difficulty trying to get everyone to enter at the same time so that they may camp together. Campers still use their own gear, but this per-person upcharge guarantees that the space will be available and it also includes a Dreamville-provided private shelter for each group so that they may “Gather and Share Experiences.”

Their most novel accommodation, the Easy Tent Add-on, covers all that middle ground between camp and ‘glamp,’ offering a brilliant, easy and comparatively affordable solution for festival-goers who do not enjoy getting rugged outdoors, but also do not want to stay in a hotel (and/or do not want to declare bankruptcy in the name of a luxury camping experience). The Easy Tent Add-on is available for parties of 2 or 4 and it essentially eliminates the need to bring any camping gear. You’re provided with a prefab campsite that includes a limited edition TomorrowWorld tent, air mattress, sleeping bag and a nightlight (all of which are yours to keep). The designated area that houses this field of TWTeePees also has its own set of facilities, which I’m sure you can imagine is a multi-faceted perk in itself.

The best deal of the weekend, though, takes the Easy Tent Add-on one (very significant) step further. The Easy Tent Upgrade adds flooring, power, and chairs to your campsite and includes a free locker for all 5-days of festivities which (Score!) contains a cell phone/camera charging unit (compatible with iPhone 4, 5, 6, iPad, S Galaxy, S Galaxy S,
Nikon, Canon, Sony Ericsson, Nextel and Nokia).

Dreamville’s Dream Lodge Village is an exclusive area, home to a limited number of Dream Lodges, which offer accommodations for 2 or 4 amid a much more scenic and serene backdrop. These elevated, spacious, tent-cabin structures feature wood floors and porches, raised full-size beds with actual mattresses, electricity, storage space, 5-day access to a locker and a set of wood loungers and a table for use on the terrace (no seriously, they come with a terrace). The jump from teepee to lodge obviously enters into a new class of luxury, cost and exclusivity, which in theory is about on par with the ‘glampier’ end of the spectrum at other festivals I’ve seen. However, in execution I find Dream Lodge Village is far surpassing all of the comparable VIP areas I have seen.

In what has proven to be a running theme with Dreamville, TommorowWorld and obviously the original TomorrowLand, things are taken one gigantic leap further by offering up TomorrowWorld Manors. Touted as ‘DreamVille’s Most Luxurious Accommodation,’ The Manors are, in all probability, the Most Luxurious On-site Festival Accommodation, period. I will let the website’s majestic description speak for itself, “This option gives you the comfort of a private hotel suite without ever having to leave DreamVille. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with a glass of champagne before being escorted to your Manor. Each Manor can accommodate up to 12 people and comes with your own private tour bus for sleeping, a private bathroom/shower trailer, a terrace with a lounge including a stocked bar, plus a Jacuzzi and outdoor furniture for you to relax in. Each Manor has its own fenced perimeter to ensure your groups privacy during the weekend.” Enough said.

ID&T, the parent company to TommorowWorld and the original TomorrowLand, is really doing something extraordinary in the execution of these festivals and their immerse extensions, like Dreamville. The conscientiousness and consideration they show to maintain the highest level of quality and continuity at their events shows a level of respect that all too often EDM fans are not afforded. Along these lines, they’ve really gone out of their way to make staying on-site a unique and worthwhile experience. Here are some of the exciting perks and opportunities that come with being a resident of Dreamville.

The Gathering

This day long festival kick-off party is open exclusively to Dreamville residents (those with a TomorrowWorld + DreamVille Pass) at no additional cost. A full line-up of international acts, touted as “legendary” and “unforgettable,” perform from 2pm – 1am, Thursday, September 25, effectively adding a fourth day of music to an already stacked lineup. After you show up and settle in, The Gathering is the perfect place to celebrate the beginning of an epic weekend!


Whether you are a beginner booty shaker, a Twister enthusiast or a practiced yogi, festivalgoers of all skill levels are welcome to take advantage of a variety of organized and independent community activities.

Daily classes include Vinyasa Flow, a movement-based yoga class (9am-10am hosted by Fuse Yoga) and Bass Body Sessions, a cardio/aerobic/dance workout with an EDM flair (11-11:45am hosted by Bass Bodies).

There will also be ample opportunity to get to know your neighbors with activities like Speeddating, Twister, Bocce Ball and Cornhole!

The Marketplace

This extensive collection of merchants and vendors serves as a sort of city-center, offering wares and services ranging from the practical to the pampered. Whether you’ve brought your own camping gear or you’re lucky enough to shack up in one of the Manors, there will inevitably be something you forgot to bring… But don’t fret! You will definitely be able to find your (toothbrush, hoodie, glowsticks, etc.) at stores dedicated to Camping Goods, Festival Gear, Glowy things and more. The Marketplace also has basics like ice, food, water, and sports drinks covered at the General Store (no joke, it’s important to replenish those electrolytes!). It also provides for luxuries like one-of-a-kind gifts, hair styling, and massages at its boutiques, salon and spa. And rest assured that from baked goods to BBQ they are certainly covering their bases in the food and drink department.

(A stop at the smoothie shop could make for a great post-yoga date… I’m talking to you, Speeddaters!)

Calling this swatch of the Chatahootchee Hills a ‘campground’ is almost offensive considering the amount of intention, creativity and effort that organizers bring to the table in designing and executing the Dreamville concept. Parent company ID&T truly delivers by continuing to advance the standard of innovation, quality and class that the international TomorrowLand brand represents.

Have a look at our Dreamville 2014 Promo Video and get an idea of the experience:

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