26-27-28 September. The mystical Chattahoochee Hills. And an extension to the biggest music festival in the world Tomorrowland; make way for the second edition of Tomorrowworld. After a successful debut last year in Atlanta-USA, Tomorrowworld graced American soil once again with a packed house of people from all over the world.
Because we simply cannot resist to miss any ID&T Franchise, we had to pay visit to the magical festival. The festival attendants of Tomorrowworld are often referred to as ‘The People Of Tomorrow’.
The wide variety of amazing and amusing people you come across at the festival would simply make your day.
Well, here are 35 photos that sum up why they rule.

1. The guys in the bear suits

2. Obvious Troll is obvious.

3. Nothing goes along well but she still seems to Hoola fine..

4. Because no one ate Ginger Bread Man & now he is happy

5. The Mau5 Clan is evidently present always

6. Being equally balanced at the Super You & Me stage is safe

7. Battling Cancer at Tomorrowworld 2013. Won over Cancer at Tomorrowworld 2014. Kudos to this mother daughter.

8. Shiny Disco Shorts, a Hat, Bow tie and a beautiful girlfriend

9. Smiley Nippies Rule

10. Zippo squad is happy

11. Tomorrowworld crew girls are simply beautiful

12. Just a fair bit of RGB values changed and they would twin. Hot again.

13. Brown Paper Bags can be recycled. Here’s how:

14. Did Batman go back to the T-Rex prehistoric age? Or has T-Rex evolved the other way around?

15. Tutu 1, Tutu 2, Tutu 3…

16. we’ll take their word for it. The Party is here.

17. Buzzin with them hot ladies.

18. That looks like hours of raver fashion co ordination there.

19. Licious. Pink that is..

20. DDDrool…

21. Something about Drake holding a cat is creepy, until that golden rave bra comes to sight.

22. Apparently our senior editor has a crush on these two. Word.

23. Which one of em are best buds. Wait…

24. That is a hot couple there. American and how!

25. High definition fashion. Subtle. Elegant and beautiful.

26. Men at Work..

27. More like a mixture of Johnny Depp meets Felix the Cat.

28. Because we f*ckin love Unicorns

29. Hello ladies, I’m looking for a camping spot…

30. That’s the Olympic Gold relay team all the way from Canada.Really.

31. Bananas.

32. Kids, don’t try this at home.

33. More Hoola Hoops!

34. The Duelle sisters

35. Ravin in the woods

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