Unless your work involves entertaining in funny costumes, they are considered appropriate only at music fests and Halloween. Music fests are like the perfect opportunity to be your wackiest best, nobody will be judgmental of you. It’s really a time of festive rejuvenation, of letting yourself go, of being a character and forgetting who you are in the “real world.”

You can be a character, a stereotype or food. Taste freedom in costumes that bring out the crazy in you and here are the crazies we loved the most at Tomorrowworld 2014.


1) Don’t Peel Off The Banana

Like we said, you can be your favourite fruit too. The man dressed as a banana is quite an eye-catcher with his happy smile and the bright yellow costume. We love how he used a complementing cover on his phone too.


2) Bat Man And T-Rex



The two amusing men dressed as batman (hot) and T-rex, the most fierce carnivore there existed. However, T-rex’s expressions look like that of a very cute and friendly dinosaur. Batman is trying to look fierce although he manages just to look like he is holding his pee. A cute picture, nevertheless.


3) Busy Bees

The honey-hunting ladies look in awe with the busy bee’s outfits. The pose is all the more hilarious. The bee to the girl: Are you touching my tushie?


4) Eco-Friendly Mystery



The lady prefers to wear mystery as a costume via a paperbag covering her face. With a perfectly fit body, and that cute graphic pair of shorts and fringed top, her face is definitely something one would want to see. However, it’s a great idea when you want to hide your dark circles. Not.


5) DeadMau5 Head



The popular Deadmau5 head is a signature at every music fest. You will find atleast one with this giant head. That way you can never be lost at fest. Your friends will find you from miles away.


6) Dreamville Furries

Our love for all things furry makes us adore these men in animal suits at the dreamville gathering. And they seem pretty elated too.


7) Neil Patrick Harris On A Unicorn

This one is a bit unexpected. I never thought I would see a costume of Neil Patrick Harris riding a unicorn at Tomorrowworld. Is this for real? Tickles my funny bone to the core!

8) Gingerbread Man



A cute fairytale character come to life, I wonder if the gingerbread man has come to Tomorrowworld escaping from all its pursuers, looking for his fox. Here’s hoping he found his lady fox!


9) Voluptuous Indigo Raver

This raver looks like a french maid dipped in indigo and orchid. We love the kandi beads and the radiant orchid umbrella, ella, ella, eh, eh, eh!


10) The Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp in Alice in Wonderland)

This guy dressed as the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, played by Johnny Depp. I love the costume, it’s nice and attractive. Also, I am glad he skipped the face paint. There’s still time for Halloween!


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