America’s most wild and energetic Electronic Music fest, Tomorrowworld 2014 witnessed crazies from across the globe rave in all its madness and liberating fun. A place in an anti-bias setting, that brings together people of various cultures, and builds beautiful musical memories (inebriated or not) under the starry skies, Tomorrowworld is an ideal vacation of sorts.

With ravers indulging in fancy costumes, headgears and pop culture fashion, the venue turns into a colourful visual splendour difficult to not absorb with your aesthetic senses.

While you have set your mind to visit the next upcoming fest, here are a few fashion trends that I spotted at Tomorrowworld. These might help you in the prep next time!


1) Crazy Costumes

I really need to know the creative ideating process behind zeroing in on the ideal costume, because these are pretty awesome. From being batman to banana, or looking for your fox as the adorable gingerbread, with the help of these costumes you can be anything. Even Neil Patrick Harris for that matter.


2) Head Gears

This is the inevitable eye-catching element in your festive look. Wear any damn thing on your head: tribal forehead band or an oversized bow. However, the girl with the paperbag on her face and the one thinking with Johnny Depp’s hat on are winners hands down!


3) Flower Power

Floral wreaths were seen in plenty at Tomorrowworld ranging from a sprinkle of flowers to a dense cluster as well as the type with twigs involved. The variety was not just in the wreaths but also in the people wearing them. Vibrant BFFs, mother-daughter duo, cancer survivor, boho girl as well as the Tworld mascots who preferred butterfly wreaths sported the trend beautifully.


4) Sunnies

Sunglasses were common at the fest and were a sight to see. A few patriotic souls wore American flag inspired sunnies while some preferred pop coloured frames. I love the guy wearing the heart-shaped glasses. Aww, cute.


5) Hula Hoops With Tutus

I love these girls wearing tiny tutu skirts, rave fluffies, and cute head gears and playing hula hoops. It’s like you would never know when they will break into rapid motion of waist-cinching rhythmic movements.


6) Nippies

Ravers know no bounds when it comes to grooving at their favourite music festivals. Nippies are a popular element of the rave culture and these ladies seem to be carrying it gorgeously. From heart shaped nips to pleasant smilies, stick on what makes you confident.


7) Rave Bras

We came across a lot of women wearing bras studded with rivets and embellishments. I love the basic black and gold embellished bra the lady is wearing as well its white counterpart paired with a fluffy skirt. However, the girl with the embellished gold bra and black hot shorts wins us over.


8) Kandi Beads

Kandi beads are the most popular, widely used elements. We have seen people wearing tons of kandi bead necklaces, armbands, bracelets as well as masks. These simply add colours to your ensembles.


9) U.S.A Banners

The patriots swore their love for America sporting the star spangled flag inspired outfits and accessories. We love the girl wearing the sunnies with U.S.A bandana. Also, the guy in flag pants and sunnies with the girl in flag bow looked quite a sight. Ladies wore tees as well as bikinis crafted from red striped and starry fabric. So much love for America!


While Tomorrowworld is essentially a music festival, but the festivities are incomplete without appreciating the fashion, the visual appeal of the grandeur. These are things that make it even more wild, afterall (except for the free flowing intoxicants!)