India has begun celebrating the festival of lights already with Dhanteras. While I am not so much into bursting crackers (many of us aren’t), I am big on looking at mumbai lit by thousands of lamps, coloured with rangolis and gleeming with happy smiles.

While usually I’m on the run and a DIY is always put on snooze, this is the time when buying a lamp just won’t give me the happiness a self-made lamp can. So, I searched up various unique ways to make a lamp and also the easiest (I am not the most crafts-y person on earth) I found this brilliant idea that I am gonna lit my house with.

If you are feeling creative and inspired, here’s what you’re gonna need.

1) Plastic bottle 2L/5L/10L according to your preferences
2) Plastic spoons white or coloured (Approximately 270 for 5L)
3) Feathers
4) Glue gun
5) Pliers
6) Sharp cutting knife
7) Lamp with a cable

Step 1

Using a sharp cutter, slice off the wide lower end of the bottle, creating an opening.

Step 2

Cut the handles of all the plastic spoons and start gluing them onto the bottle using the glue gun.

Step 3

Once you have covered the entire bottle with spoons and reached its mouth, hide it using white feathers. Carefully glue the tip of the feathers on the mouth with the feathers hanging down on the bottle. Use as many as you desire.

Step 4

Finally, your lamp will look like this. Simply install a bulb inside the bottle, passing the cable through the openings and hang it wherever you like your masterpiece to be.

Step 5

Your lamp is all set to shine! Let there be light.

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