Over the past week, developments of stories related to the biggest music festival in the world, Tomorrowland taking place sometime in January in India. Some of India’s top EDM Portals and even Dancing Astronaut have reported the news viz.
Festival Sherpa: http://www.festivalsherpa.com/tomorrowland-india-to-take-place-in-january-2015/
Dancing Astronaut: http://www.dancingastronaut.com/2014/10/tomorrowland-confirms-proposal-expand-india-organizers-remain-search-venue/

Our team has waited before speculating any rumors up and until now in regards to Tomorrowland happening in January 2015. We have just got an update for the rumors though. It looks like the festival will not take place in January in India as reported by leading Belgium Newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws”.

The news reads in Dutch “Tomorrowland in India Op vele dj-websites stond gisteren te lezen dat ‘s werelds bekendste dancefestival Tomorrowland binnenkort ook een editie zal organiseren in India. Zo zou de lokale provinciegouverneur van het Indiase Goa al pcontacteerd zijn en ondertussen zelfs op zoek zijn naar een plaats waar het festival kan doorgaan. Woordvoerster Debby Wilmsen ontkrachtte die internetroddels.«Wij zijn helemaal niet van plan om een festival te organiseren in India. We hebben momenteel alonze handen vol met de andere edities dus dat is zeker niet onze intentie», klonk het kort. Vanwaar de geruchten komen, blijft een raadsel. (MVHB)

Here is a thorough translation for the same:
No Tomorrowland India after all
On many dj website it could be read yesterday there were strong rumors that the worlds most famous dance festival would touch down in India. Rumors persisted that the local governor of Goa had been contacted and was helping search for a suitable location. Press officer Debby quickly denied the rumors: “We have no plans to organize a festival in India, we are way too busy with all our other editions so it is absolutely not our intention. Where the rumors came from are still uncertain.”

After we contacted Debby Wilmsen, the head Press officer for the festival, here is a statement:
“This brief note is to respect and salute the Indian Tomorrowland fans and media, and to clarify that absolutely no decision has been made as to whether the next expansion of Tomorrowland will take place in India or in any other country in the world. Tomorrowland is always exploring possibilities & options but in the immediate future, the full focus is on the first Brazilian edition in May 2015, next to the editions in Belgium & USA.”


With Tomorrowland Brazil taking place in May, it made sense that another Tomorrowland in the first quarter in India would probably be too soon and logistically and schedule wise not make much sense. It looks like India will have to wait for some real news to unfold for the world’s biggest music festival Tomorrowland to come over.Stay tuned as we provide you REAL updates for the developments. Be sure to count on us 

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