While you have been investing in statement neck pieces, ear cuffs and body jewellery, there is a piece of accessory that is non-fussy, classy and can uplift any outfit almost instantly. It’s quite underrated if you ask me, and it definitely deserves much more credit.

The gold cuff has been a favourite across the globe, among the the elite as well as the budget fashionistas. The budget is never a problem here since you will find it across the designer stores, high street store, as well as on the streets.

The fashion bloggers would agree, and are themselves quite loyal to the gold cuff. Here are some of our favourite, chic bloggers donning the classic accessory.

1) Stephanie Timmins


2) Madhura Bhogale


3) Karishma Chiplunkar


4) Shonima Kaul


5) Sudha Singh


Picking the perfect accessory for the weekend made easy? I know, you’re welcome! :)