Before you utter out that you have nothing to wear, pay heed to that plain black tee lying in your wardrobe. For far too long, you have been taking it for granted, and almost never seeing it as beyond casual.

Pick up your plain black tee and style it in a dressier way. It can be as classy as the LBD. Here are 5 ways to update your plain black T-shirt.

1) Black Tee With Maxi Skirt

Instantly update a simple black tee by pairing it with a pop coloured maxi skirt. Else, opt for subdued grey maxi skirt, preferably with a slit!

2) Black Tee With Some Shine

Add some shine to your black tshirt and pair it with a shiny mini skirt. Infact, this is the best way to wear sequins during the day.

3) Normcore Black Tee

Be part of the troop by blending in. Go normcore this season by wearing a simple black tee with a pair of well-fitted jeans. Elegant black footwear, and handbag will make you ironically still stand out.

4) Black Tee In Grunge Effect

Go grunge, pair it with a plaid skirt or throw in a chambray shirt. Be messy,  in an organised way.

5) Black Tee With Statement Necklace

Add instant glamour to your casual black tee by putting on a statement necklace. Don’t shy away to keep it large. Discover more about 8 Things You Absolutely Need In Your HandBag.