While some of us are being quite a ‘Grumpy cat’ for Valentine’s Day, there are many “optimistic? souls out there who wouldn’t mind a little bubbly. For men, infact it’s a day of ultimate love test and the treatment they get during the entire year will be based on February 14th (who said life is fair?)

If your lady gets impressed, lucky you; if not the entire year you will have to hear rants about how you failed to make the “love day? special for her. And speaking very objectively,who wants to be in that mess?

If you have absolutely no clue what to do for your special one, here are 7 real women being kind enough to help you out. Pay heed; stop thinking about the India-Pakistan match and just focus.

1) Naina Simin Lakhani, Entrepreneur



“I’d love to spend Valentines out of town to a nice, scenic green place, surrounded by nature. Good music and books by Pablo Neruda to read together. Dinner for two by the beach—I’m simple like that.”


2) Nisha Das, Fashion Writer


“I do not want my V day gifts to be clichéd at all. Since I have pampered my guy enough by cooking him his favourite food, I would definitely want him to cook something for me on the D day. I’ll be happy even if he manages to bake me a little cupcake.”


3) Anamika Narang, Publicist



“I believe in old fashioned romance. I would love something sweet such as a teddy bear, some really nice yummy chocolates (I’m a super foodie), and a cute greeting card. The best part, I got exactly what I wished for already—he truly makes me feel like a princess!”


4) Puja Vayanta, Fashion Stylist



“A perfume, especially if it was a last moment pick for a guy. It’s not only a great gifting option but also sensible, useful, sensual and something that shows a guy’s efforts in choosing the right fragrance. Apart from that fact, it will definitely keep reminding me of him as the fragrance lingers all day.”


5) Niharika Gaba, Recruitment Specialist



“I want a hello kitty soft toy and maybe a diamond/Swarovski ring (if the guy cannot afford diamonds yet.) Hello kitty because it would just be added to my super awesome soft toy collection. And ring because I’m 23! All my friends are getting married and I don’t want to marry but I certainly won’t mind something shiny on my finger to show off *does evil laugh*”


6) Shruti Lakhotia, Owner of MYOS


“For Valentine’s Day,  the ideal gift for me would be a pampering couple spa at a luxury property, followed by a candle lit dinner on a yacht.” (Click to read her article on shoe trends.)

7) Alisha Nagar, IT Professional



“I’m quite a simple person. I would just love the gift of quality time, just feeling happy and loved in the company of each other. However, speaking of time, a pretty watch wouldn’t hurt!”