February 26, 2015

We are living in an era in which all things not digital seems close to being vintage. It is not surprising that consumers are taking to online shopping (apart from socializing, communicating, banking and finding a groom online!) The brands are definitely catering to this increasing demand with a thorough increase in supply.

What if we told you that four large online portals are coming together for a fashion show that will bring the online fashion on an offline, real-time stroll? Best of both worlds, isn’t it? Model, actress and former Bigg Boss contestant, Aanchal Kumar and husband Anupam Mittal, Ceo of shaadi.com will be hosting a fashion show called #Evolve.

We indulged in a rendezvous with Aanchal Kumar on evolution of e-commerce and her personal experiences with digital shopping.

1)     3 things about #Evolve that defines evolution.

A.K– Collision of different worlds, innovation, and digitization.  The human race will evolve to deal with these disparate yet connected forces.

2)     You bring in the fashion element and Mr. Mittal brings in the digital element to the event, it seems perfect. How did #Evolve get conceptualized?

A.K– Charles Babbage who is credited with imagining the first computer over 150 years back and Steve Jobs who put the computer in the palms of our hands, both owed a big part of their genius to the belief the genius lay at the intersection of different disciplines.  In India we operate in different silos though.  Anupam’s desire to bring these facets together led to the idea.

3)     What makes Indian E-commerce one of the fastest growing industries?

A.K– Discounts and convenience of the online world and lack of infrastructure in the offline world.

4)     What according to you should be the next step in digital shopping?

A.K– Seamless online/offline experiences.  Should be able to order online and pick up at a store within an hour.  Similarly, should be able to shop at a store and have it delivered home for eg.

5)     When did you first started shopping digitally? What was the last thing you bought online?

A.K-I first shopped digitally 3 years back.The last thing I bought online was a couple of dresses and a pair of gold earrings.

6)     3 things that you prefer buying online

A.K-Clothes,accessories and home decor.

7)     3 things you would never buy online

A.K-I did not have the best experience buying groceries only line…but I think it’s a matter of time that even that becomes a seamless experience. Apart from that I wouldn’t want to buy a high end luxury handbag or a bridal couture outfit online as those I would like to try on personally.

The four participating brands are Shaadi.com- outfits by Shyamal and Bhumika,Velvet case.com( Jewellery), Pretty secrets.com( Nightwear)and GOQII.com showcasing outfits by Riddhi and Siddhi Mapxencars.