Miami waters will be set ablaze with the exciting vibrations from Miami Music Week from March 24-29, 2015. From rooftop pool parties to cruises, club events that last all night long into the wee hours and 2 days of Ultra Music Festival, this destination will be party-goers dream come true, come March.

With a dream-like vacation planned, and intentions of partying your heart out, here are the best nightclubs of Miami you must visit.

1) Space

This one’s in downtown Miami. It features indoor dancing area as well as an outdoor patio. Mark Knight and Oscar G swear by this club.

2) Bamboo

You will find choreographed dancers grooving to the tunes of world-renowned DJs in Bamboo. Clientele ranges from celebrities to locals. Crystal chandeliers and Buddha statues make it look like a work of art.

3) LIV

It’s the 4th highest grossing club in the U.S. Calvin Harris swears by this club and so does Rolling stone. Best club, no questions asked.

4) Mansion

It was incepted by GQ model and Paris-hailing Eric Milon, who made it a chic nightspot for the fashion conscious. Plus, it’s got some of the best lighting in town.

5) Mokai

Everything about Mokai is gorgeous, co-owned by a former GQ and Giorgio Armani model. The guests look enchanting and so does the décor. Plus, the sound system is the best in the city.


If you are heading to this one, make sure you are dressed classy head-to-toe. They have strict door policy and do not let the shabbily dressed enter. It is frequented by Hollywood celebs and the vibe is extremely elite.

7) Tantra

Tantra is all set to soothe every sense in your body and soul. Strong drinks, edible flowers, fresh grass under your feet and aromas that uplift your spirit. That, and some new-age music.

8) E11even

This place houses 6 bars, which means no more waiting crunched in the crowd for your drink. Cabarets and theatre, live DJs and some great dancing, this club has it all.

9) Story

Owned by the same people as LIV, this place has the same style and bottle-service, except there is more foot space. You will find that the lesser commercial bands and artists get a chance to play here as well.

10) TreeHouse

This place will make you feel you are in that la la land you’ve been dying to hit. This underground ruler of SoBe, is the best place for dancing in the dark

11) Cameo

This is the place where you will find the hip crowd, real rappers and real stripper poles, with real girls trying their self at it. Wouldn’t want to miss it, right?

12) Wall

A smaller club, it still has the most beautiful décor, with its futuristic and sexy vibe. Frequented by the elite, successful crowd, It’s a great place to meet that kind of crowd.

13) Trade

There will be quite a few events in Miami Music Week’s schedule to take place in the nightclub. Rest assured of a hella great time.

14) Chalk

Think of dancing, drinking and challenging that cutie for a game of ping pong. Sounds next to impossible, doesn’t it? In Chalk, the ice breaks more quickly than anywhere else.

15) Skybar

If you are heading to Miami, for the pure pleasure of partying all night under the stars, then this is it. Skybar also features various sections to suit preferences of a variety of people.