Music festivals are actually more like a fashion week with the most outrageous, unique and skill fully crafted attires. With the rave and PLUR culture being prominent in North America, Miami sees an exodus of amazingly dressed fans who attend numerous parties spread over 10 days towards the end of March every year. Ultra Music Festival being the epitome of the whole music week, every year we see fans dressed in various ways that are simply eye catching.
Here are 10 ravers we absolutely loved during this year’s edition of Ultra Music Festival.
Special shout out to Philippe Wuyts and for the captures!

1. Because there is more to Romero than Protocol

2. Shiver me Ultra Timbers

3. Afroja.. AfroUltra

4. Feathers and PLUR and a Butterfly (we seriously ran out of any description for him)

5. Japan meets Miami meets Rave meets Ultra

6. She-Devil wears Ultra

7. Guardian of the UV Galaxy

8. Look b*tches! I shower with glitter!!

9. Penguin sauce much

10. In the name of the holy..