Every year, we cover the most stylish people at Tomorrowland with our style specials. However, this is a never ending selection procedure as from a probable 180000 visitors, we are bound to miss out on plenty of them. This year however, for the 11th edition of Tomorrowland, visitors faced a constant onslaught of heavy rain fall and high speed winds which prompted a sea of blue ponchos appearing at the festival everywhere on day 2 and 3. Surprisingly enough, it did not stop them from filling up every stage and keeping the party on. We figured it’s what spells Tomorrowland, the magic with the festival that always makes sure each edition is bigger than ever and every visitor enjoys every second of it.
Colorful people, costume bourn people, weird dressed, fans with signs and slogans, the list could go on.

Tomorrowland has a special section called as Bazaarville which plays host to a series of mini pop up shops that have various activities and services to provide. Be it flower workshops, kissing booths or Style sections. What we loved and focused on was the Bazaarville Hair & Make Up section that came as a blessing to most of the women population of visitors at Tomorrowland. Equipped with almost every kind of styling accessory and beauty accessory and kits, the section had specialist styling and beauty experts.

Savina, an attendant from Turkey mentioned “My hair got all ruined and so did the makeup because of the excessive dancing around. I was not aware of Bazaarville till I came across it and found the Hair & Make Up section and felt so pleased. The experts here are so well trained and they just made me look so different and even more beautiful with the flower ornaments on my hair. What more can a woman ask for at Tomorrowland?”

So the next time you visit Tomorrowland make sure to check out many more areas beyond the stages, because we can guarantee there is a little surprise at every corner of this magical festival.

Here’s what the Beauty & Make Up section looked like more in detail:

And here is what seems to be the aftermath of it all..the lovely beautiful women at Tomorrowland..

Photos by The Moneta
Photo Post Processing & Editing by RVR16