Choosing a summer destination usually leaves you confused amidst countless options. For that very purpose we present you our handpicked summer destinations that promise to leave you glistening with afterglow.


Having 10% of its land covered in glaciers, Iceland surprisingly has a mild climate in winters and is a place for those who fancy strange and desolated places. Iceland’s jaw-dropping natural phenomena, warm streams, dramatic sceneries, faults and fissures, magnificent waterfalls make it that perfect green-summer getaway. Despite the name, Iceland exhibits some of the most beautiful scenic during Summer.


Boasting of having one of the best summers in Europe, France has more than 80 million tourists annually. With summer festivals like Tour de France, its south beaches soaked in the sun, luscious vineyards, historic cities, beautiful countryside, fabled castles, delectable food in its offering, France is more than just a country of wine and cheese.


With its extra-ordinary architecture, history of diverse cultures, untouched enchanting landscapes will leave any vacationer wanting for more. Having ruled by Asian, Africans and Europeans, Sicily will present you the perfect mélange of a multicultural society.


The warm Mediterranean weather to give you that perfect tan, the unique mesmerizing blue color of Aegean /Ionian Sea, the breathtaking natural beauty or the sandy beaches of the Greek islands, Greece is definitely your on summer sun destination that cannot be missed.


A mixed history, rocky coastline, gorgeous beaches, ancient towns, modern cities make Croatia a summer delight travelers. More than a thousand islands, turquoise Adriatic Sea caressing its perimeters, the heavenly lavender fields, vineyards, Croatia has a lot more to offer than just a slice of summer.


One of the 18,000 islands that complete Indonesia, Bali, with its colorful culture and traditions, orchid gardens, ancient temples and cool beaches it gives any visitor a sight full piece of Asia.