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In 2016, the megalopolis of 20 million people has been an annual concentration of fine particulates (PM2, 5) of 113 micrograms per cubic meter of air, resulting in an average reduction of life expectancy of 10.2 years. The study measures the risk of premature death from life expectancy would have a person if it were exposed to the level of fines recommended by the World Health Organization.

Global air pollution has reduced the life expectancy of an average of 1.8 years in 2016

WHO advises for the human body does not exceed ten micrograms in annual concentration. Of a diameter equal to the thirtieth of that of a human hair, fine particles in suspension may seep into the blood through the lungs. A long-term PM2, five exposure increases the risk of cardiovascular disease and lung cancer.

At the global level, believes the study, air pollution reduces the life expectancy of an average of 1.8 years in 2016. This figure places it as the main danger to the health of humans, before the (1.6 years) tobacco, alcohol and drugs (11 months) and very far from the wars and terrorism (22 days).

A downward trend in China

“The world today, people breathe air that poses a serious risk to their health,” said Professor Michael Greenstone, Director of EPIC. Arising mainly from fossil fuels, pollution to fine particles is significantly high in South and East Asia. In 2016, their concentrations an inhabitant of Beijing 5.7 years of life and less cost.

If the pollution worsened in India in recent years, she is however in a downtrend in China through public policy measures, notes the report. To calculate the reduction of life expectancy, the American survey is based on previous studies conducted in China from the harmful effects of pollution on people who are highly exposed in the long term.

With everything said, it’s evident that pollution is a big risk to all of us. That is why we, as individuals, should all try to help in reducing pollution as much as we can. Everything can make a difference, from turning off the lights when we don’t need them, to playing our favorite games on online gaming sites at, instead of regular casinos who are bigger polluters and not so eco-friendly.

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