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The Kingdom Of Melodia – Arguably the best Tomorrowland MainStage ever?

Stylemag gives you information about what happens every year, at the biggest and arguably the best music festival in the world, Tomorrowland, lies an exhaling air of anticipation and curiosity of how the mainstage is going to look like. Tomorrowland, know very well for it’s storytelling depicts as a marketing theme every year for the festival, has a new MainStage design to match the theme every year. In recent years, the most talked about MainStage has been the Book Stage of 2012 which was then carried forward to Tomorrowworld in Atlanta in 2013. The 10th anniversary of Tomorrowland last year saw a masterpiece with details that had elements related to time on it.
This year, Tomorrowland released a trailer on the 30th of June that gave a good hint at what the MainStage and festival theme surrounding it would look like in the video below:

Fast forward to the opening day of the festival, what not only surprised us but also left us in awe was the mega huge MainStage structure that resembled a Kingdom named as ‘The Kingdom of Melodia’ . Immaculate details at every square inch of the MainStage, the stage not only looked mammoth and beautiful during the daytime but also the nighttime. After 5 years in a row of visiting Tomorrowland, this had to be the greatest MainStage of them all for us. Perfect combination of lighting mapped with Visual expertise on 3 huge LCDs, perfectly placed and timed pyros and CO2, the MainStage was

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Why I call it my alternative home. The best music festival I’ve lived – Tomorrowland

Why I call it my alternative home. The best music festival I’ve lived – Tomorrowland


I’ve never written a blog or a post as a direct entity on StyleMag ever since it’s inception, but it seems like the time has come where I could not resist. I’m also super proud of my staff that has helped StyleMag catapult across many major festivals in the world for live coverage, photographs and more; and bringing it to possibly many corners across India. Being a regular at Tomorrowland since many editions as a visitor, journalist, photographer, artist, emcee and probably many more roles that I fail to recollect, allow me to take you through a pretty lengthy extract in my own words that would justify the title of this post. I will also try to justify the price of Tomorrowland. As you’ve probably heard by now, it’s quite an expensive trip, and if it weren’t for the GrandFortuneNoDeposit site I wouldn’t have been able to go. You see thanks to their free games I won over $2000 and booked my flight the next day.

Of all my journeys throughout a decade across the world and music festivals, my calendar has always had a consistent marker every year in July since the past 5 years. It turns out that I’ve always made sure I reserve time from my busy schedule for some festival called ‘Tomorrowland’. No, really.. Tomorrowland by now deserves a place in the English dictionary and is literally the word on every

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Stylemag TV Feature Interview: Borgeous

Fashion Style Mag TV Feature Interview: Borgeous

Tomorrowworld 2014 was indeed a blast for us! Our team caught up with the Tsunami sensation, Borgeous. John Borger, known as Borgeous recently toured India thanks to DeepSound Entertainment. All Tomorrowland fans would like to read this post for sure. Have a peek at this post You Tomorrowland fans!
In our feature interview, the #87 Dj speaks about his Tomorrowworld experience, his recent performance in India and more. Borgeous also gives a lowdown on how a performance oriented act compliments him.

In addition, he gives us a low down on his own line of T Shirts, the Borgeous Game Tee and his sense of fashion.


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About Borgeous
BORGEOUS is quickly making waves in the scene as a music producer and DJ. His keen ear and innate talent to produce a provocative, textured sound have made people take notice. His biggest hit to-date, “Tsunami” is exactly as its title suggests as the hit single wrecked bars, clubs, festival stages, and stereos around the world, gaining BORGEOUS international fame. Premiered first by Pete Tong on his esteemed BBC Radio 1, “Tsunami” has been called one of the biggest tracks of 2013 and has hit every chart all over the world including #1 in the top 40 in the UK. The single won the EMPO Award for ‘Track of the Year’ and received nomination for The

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