About Us

At Stylemag ™ our core focus is to ensure that a- for both our clients, patrons and our ourselves. We curate content which is complimented with our unique USPs which enable us to fit our content as per the ever evolving need of the customer.

Core Strength

Our lissom, ever-evolving digital capabilities engage your desired demographics with targeted and user-generated content, packaging the content we procure from the brand and to ensure your brand integration generates maximum impact. Stylemag ™ is meant to extract a unique Style Quotient out of every entity from verticals such as Fashion, Music, Lifestyle, Play and deliver it in the form of globally dynamic, interactive editorial content, news, and views.
What stands out as StyleMag‘s core ammunition is :
Superior, Crisp and Creative Packaging
Choreographed Production
Digital Expertise
Direct Mass Connect & Consideration
Block Features & Specials from each domain

Expansion Sets:

The core marketing strategy of Stylemag ™ is customer engagement by introducing awe-inspiring sub properties which will generate a direct response to the properties, giving more visibility to the brands associated.
(in order of release)
Style Dine Nights™ on STYLEMAG TV™
Celebrity/Model/Artist Diaries
Style Retreat™ on STYLEMAG TV
Shopping With The Stars
Concept Events – Taste, Style Nights
EDM Nights
Bi-Monthly E Magazine across iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

About RVR16

Stylemag ™ is an Intellectual Property of RVR16.
RVR16 is an award winning interactive digital agency having been awarded the Creative Business of The Year 2012 at the SME Awards. RVR16 has catered to some of the topmost names in the Fashion, Music & Entertainment industry. RVR16‘s expertise in Digital Marketing, Creative Production, the Online Space, Creative Consulting, Marketing is a major asset of Stylemag ™. In addition, already having a front runner client from each domain is an example benchmark of our reach and understanding across the domains.