7th August 2013 – Jewels from Kays brought forth a collection of made-to-love jewelry at IIJW August 2013. With jewels ranging from ethnic simplicity to statement designs, the show featured Kays collection titled ‘Saptrangi’ which was besieged with mystery, colours and seamless simplicity. True to its name ‘Saptrangi’, the designs exude versatility and can be effortlessly paired up with all colours of nature’s creation.

The show stopper of the evening Karisma Kapoor, was the epitome of elegance and confidently took the walk down the ramp wearing a necklace dazzling with a spectacular range of various diamond shapes.

Kays hand-crafted novel designs is a kaleidoscope of all the colours of a rainbow which is why when you look at it your eyes feast on gemstones that glitter in blue, green, red, lilacs and yellow. Diamond, Ruby and Emerald embellishments sit alongside vintage motifs, bringing us back to our traditional roots while the addition of gold and polki define elegance and femininity Each jewel of Kays that was showcased is a creation of art by itself with elegantly studded polki earrings, ornately designed neck-pieces and gold, diamond and polki interspersed rings. Luminous and sparkling, each jewel is one that you would treasure for life, for at the end of a rainbow there is a pot of gold and the search for this pot of gold ends with the fine jewelry creation by Kays Jewels.

Opulence has been redefined with inspiration taken from the affluent colours of nature that is imbibed into one-of-a-kind jewelry ‘Diamonds are a girl’s best friend’ is a cliche often used…but when these precious stones come in iridescent colours its sure to take your breath away.