The straight view from a window pane of Nikhil’s drawing room fetched a far sight of the Mumbai City landscape amidst a heap of clouds. What caught our eye was a set of miniature artifacts he had placed near the window pane.
When being asked why did he opt for artifacts so random, Nikhil mentioned that creativity has no limits. It’s the way we perceive it and make believe to perceive it, is when the beauty comes out.
A young designer who is often termed as the Accidental Designer, Nikhil is not an official fashion student. His philosophy and collection comes out of that vivid and creative mind which for us seems long stretched like the Milky Way. Without wasting more time, we started the interview. Here’s the Nikhil Thampi interview.

1) So how have you been?

I am doing absolutely super!

2) With alot of work on your label going on and also Lakme Fashion Week WF 2013 around the corner, how hectic has it been for you ?

The last month has been crazy. Ideating for LFW is a time consuming affair which requires a lot of focus and inspiration. However, to see my collection slowly coming into form is an exciting feeling and I am really looking forward to the show.

3) Congratulations on being an Elle Graduate.. How does it feel to be an Elle Graduate?

That was an absolute surprise to be honest I did not really expect it. It’s always a good feeling when your work and vision is appreciated and appreciated by one of the best in fashion. It definitely meant a lot and I am absolutely grateful to them to shower me with that title.

4) What do you think about this concept by Elle? How influential and effective will it be for many more aspiring designers ?

It’s a brilliant concept where they take upcoming talent and nurture and appreciate it. It definitely works like motivation to many upcoming designers like me.

5) What do you think of Lakme Fashion Week as a launchpad into the big game for young designers ?

Oh! I owe my life and success to LFW. Without them on my side I would have not been where I am. They saw the talent and gave me such a huge platform to exhibit and express myself.
I strongly suggest and recommend young designers to not hesitate and to go and experience what I have.

6) What do you plan to showcase this season at Lakme Fashion Week WF 2013 ?

I am still young and have a lot to present to the world, hence I believe in experimenting at every stage and opportunity given. This season I plan to showcase my first semi Indian collection with a twist with the very Nikhil Thampi touch to it. I hope my audience like and expect it.
I am getting a touch of my heritage and culture into the collection keeping in mind the wearibility and the commercial aspect of it.

7) Can we expect any surprises ?

Well me going Indian in itself is a surprise, besides dat save the date 23rd August is when the surprise shall be unveiled

8) How do you think fashion has propelled in India over the last decade?

Omg! It’s boomed to a different level altogether people are getting aware and this awareness is helping fashion bloom from a bud to a full bloomed flower.

As friendly and creative as he can get, Nikhil will never disappoint you. Whether it’s his collection or his kind nature. We’ll call him..the ‘people’s man’

9) Going back to time, how did it all begin for you? Was being a designer always on your mind?

After graduating in psychology I was roped into my family business which is of aviation, but as they say the creative itch was not getting satisfied and just then a very close friend decided to debut at LFW and she emotionally blackmailed me to help her through the process and that was my inception point into mainstream fashion.
I was so mesmerized and floored by the how this industry worked and functioned and my family and friends forced me to give fashion a shot and that’s when I Gen-Nex’ed it’s never looking back ever since.

10) In a parallel universe, if not a designer, what else would you have chosen to be?

I would have been a pilot or an architect

11) The number of students pursuing a designer, fashion course in reputed institutes is increasing every year. With the turmoil chance of a bottleneck maybe someday, what advice do you have for all the young aspiring designers who want to make it out of that bottleneck to the top and get recognized ?

I have no formal background in fashion what’s so ever, so with fashion schools churning out thousands of students every year must not be a threat to anyone eventually it’s your work, talent and vision that will get you what your worth of.
Be true to yourself, be original, be forward, be grounded and u will see how u get welcomed with open arms.

12) Finally, StyleMagTV will be there at LFW WF 13 this year. Any message for all our viewers and readers?

Thank you everyone for expecting me, nurturing me and appreciating me. I will need your love and support all through out.

Thank You Nikhil !
Catch Nikhil Thampi’s show at Lakme Fashion Week Winter Festive 2013 on the 23rd of August at 1:30 PM IST.