The most anticipated day for a bride to be and their near and dear ones  is the wedding day. The blushes and smiles are highlighted in the gleam of ornaments she adorns while she embarks on a new beginning. Gehna Jewellers present a selection of jewellery crafted for this special occasion.

Designer Shaina NC is strongly rooted in the Indian culture and has a keen sense of style and creativity.  Her collection is artistic and cultural. The amalgamation of traditions and panache make for heirloom jewellery that is cherished with care and never goes out of vogue.

The comprehensive mix of jewellery has magnificent earrings in uncut diamonds, ruby in gold setting, luxurious necklace and earring sets in diamonds & polkis along with accessories in pearl and black rhodium. The jewellery has been crafted understanding the needs and preferences of the modern bride.

Speaking about her recent collection, Shaina says, “Jewellery is the most important part of a bride’s trousseau. Keeping this in mind, the new line for Gehna is contemporary with different elements that make the collection versatile. Each jewellery piece has a personality of its own. My jewellery designs compliment the woman and allow her to feel comfortable in her skin.

Sunil Datwani, the owner of Gehna Jewellers believes that Shaina NC has a strong sense of style and a discerning taste in jewellery. He says, “Shaina’s collection is designed for the modern bride to be. Her design aesthetics have always been on par with Gehna’s design sense.  We are extremely happy to present the brand new collection from the multifaceted designer for the Gehna woman.”

Gehna Jewellers designs jewellery that is true to Indian grandeur. Gehna believes that every woman deserves to look stunning with beautiful pieces exclusively designed for the special occasion.