While most of us are amazed by the Artists performing at EDC, the production, the new music we come across and the ravers, there has always been an element to EDC that sets it apart- the EDC Dancers.

These group of highly talented, skilled and trained dancers have been part of most of Insomniac experiences since many years. What we love most about them is that they all come in different themed attires for many different performances. Not to mention how ravishingly beautiful these dancers and performers are, but their electric moves have been part of enhancing the overall stage presence and experience of the festival since many editions.

We couldn’t help but pay tribute to these talents. Here’s a roundup of most of the talent we came across at the festival. Which one is your favorite?

Team E-Z Entertainment. When entertainers as clowns got sexier!

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Parasol Gir- Stefaniya Makarova

The Military Brats- Kell Rika(L) and Kristy Muscolino(R)

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The Bumble Bees

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Black and White Clowns- Bianca M, Megan, Kelsey Fox and Lizz Magilo

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The Electric Butterflies- Megan Faxel, Lauren Miles and Danielle Gover

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The Lollipop Girl – Lexy

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What do you think of our list? Did you capture any of these dancers and performers! Email your pictures to pr@stylemag.in and we might feature them!
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Special Thanks to Lexy (@lexyraye) for the kind support!

Special Thanks to Christopher Lazzaro (Freedom Film LLC) for the photos for Stylemag.in