The 10th anniversary of one the world’s most celebrated music festivals, Tomorrowland saw in its 10th anniversary this year, fun and frolic stretched over two whole weekends. With over 3,60,000 tickets being sold out in less than two hours, Belgium witnessed pretty faces from all over the globe cheering their lungs out for their favorite artists.

While we  unanimously agree that music festivities are a blessing from the golden era of the ’70s,  its contribution to fashion cannot be overlooked. As the era ushered in the hippie culture with focus being on enjoying life and music, women graduated from formal to casual chic. Sheath dresses and skirt suits gave way to hot shorts, mini skirts and well-fitted t-shirts. Head accessories included headbands crafted from elements such as flowers, leaves, wood and more.

Keeping the ’70s hippie culture alive, the floral head ornaments have become a common norm at the concerts. Out of thousands of women flaunting the style, here are our top 10 favourites who stood out.

We love her floral look from the print on her outfit to the floral foreheadband made from mid-sized artificial flowers held together by an elastic.

She looks like she descended from the Garden of Eden, with a wreath of flowers in shades of sunset on her head and a hand fan in shades of blue waters. So much serenity at a concert, she signified  the inner tranquil one feels even while dancing in a crowd.

This pretty face that caught our eyes seemed like a pleasant dose of cuteness as she put on a headband made of thin bomboo ropes and white flowers. A high ponytail and black cateye sunnies added to her adorable look.

The girl with reflective aviators brought out the hippie in her as she adorn a headband made from a black string and wild wild flowers. Messy, undone hair added to her carefree look. Quite a fashionista, isn’t she?

The eccentric soul we stumbled upon at Tomorrowland wore a headband crafted from rolled felt fabric flowers and a thick black elastic. A peacock feather and an ear cuff added to the unique appeal. Visual splendid!

The girl in yellow sunflower looked cute as a cupcake! She opted to stay minimal and put just one striking sunflower around her high ponytail.

She looked like a happy burst of colours with a band of blue and lilac flowers on her head, yellow-framed sunglasses and hot pink lips. How can one ever oversee this girl?

The girl is all smiles in her minimalist floral foreheadband made from sparingly put flowers and thin bamboo ropes. This is the spirit!

Flowers alone would not satisfy this belle, a headband made from tiny flowers, twigs and leaves she wants! She stuck to the theme and wore leaf metallic earrings.

She looked feisty flair in wreath made out of few flowers and more of leaves and twigs. The earthy beauty let some twigs fall down over her shoulders and it looked absolutely fab. Don’t you think so?