Amidst the hectic schedule of meeting deadlines while still matching sartorial standards, we were in for an indulging lunch date. Francesco’s Pizzeria, a unique Italian Bistro that opened its doors at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel invited us for getting a taste of their culinary skills and kind hospitality.


Set in an unambiguously convenient locale, Franceso’s Pizzeria exudes a vibe like that of a cosy bistro in the bylanes of Venice, exhibiting an authentic Italian décor. Boasting of a beautiful blend of contemporary and old world charm, the pizzeria showcases brick walls, wrought-iron tables and wooden furniture.

Glass doors, al fresco wrought-iron tables with black finishing provided a rather peaceful sight. A menu placed strategically outside the pizzeria once again spoke of the typical Italian cafes.

Speaking of Old World Charm, irrespective of the technological advancements and placing orders via tablets and ipads, nothing escalates our appetite like reading the menu off a wall or cardboard.

Dome pendant ceiling lights above the tables beautifully lit the ambience while the concave mirrors on the brick wall reflected the setting aesthetically.


With a menu offering an array of options spanning Pizzas, Pastas, Bruschetta, Anti-Pasta, Desserts and much more provides the perfect gastronomic journey to patrons. There is something to offer for everyone whether it is the Chicken Peri Peri, The Angry Bird, the Chicken Genova or the Bianca Salmone, which comprises of five types of cheese and salmon. Vegetarians need not fret, as there is the Paneer Peri Peri, the Eggplant Parmigana or the Garden Pizza. Weight watchers can choose the Wellness Pizza, while the classic Margherita wins hands down.

Our Picks:

Fettuccine Porcine Mushroom served with garlic bread, priced reasonably at Rs. 345 was a delight with the sinful creamy sauce that made us devour the dish within no time. The presentation seemed a catalyst as well.

Francesco boasts of blending well, and providing us with the best of the both worlds. In case, your salad-loving side wishes to indulge in some Caesar salad, yet the sight of a pizza pulls you–here’s Brutus pizza for you fellas!

While you might cringe at the thought of it initially but once you give it a try, it will be difficult to have just one. Not too spicy, the thin crust pizza offers itself as a light snack you can share while sipping on hot tea.

When hunger strikes, MAC and Cheese (priced at Rs. 345) is a dish that would satiate your taste buds while filling your stomachs. Cooked in rich, cosseting sauce, it’s an immediate mood lifter.


Iced Coffee Classic (priced at Rs. 140) although tasted well but seemed too runny. Instead of ice cubes, crushed ice would have done wonders for the caffeinated beverage.

For those who enjoy their cuppa tea sans milk, hibiscus tea (Rs. 100 for a cup) will be the best option. Authentic flavour of the flower gives you the exact taste you were hoping for. Plus, I will always opt for it because of its pink hue!

Desserts, anyone?

While you try to make up your mind whether to have brownie or waffles, here’s Broffle! Served with dollops of ice-cream, maple and chocolate syrups, this mouth-watering delicacy is a must-have.

For someone like me who relishes all things made from red velvet, this Red Velvet Waffle seemed God-sent. It was delicious but I wished it had more of red velvet.


All-in-all, an authentic Italian Bistro, Francesco’s Pizzeria is designed to please Indian taste buds. Dishes are priced moderately, which in combination with a cosy, comfortable ambience makes this place truly Value For Money. Plus, there is free Wifi!

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