While you might be dressed perfect head-to-toe, with a perfect outfit and a chic handbag and shoes, you need an organized handbag to look effortlessly ladylike. However, who are we lying to, that bar of chocolate, those bills from ladies night a month ago, and an earring long divorced from its better half tucked safely in the dark pockets of your maze-like handbag are screaming for organization.
Here are the essentials you need in your handbag. Rest is just mess.

1. Makeup Pouch (foundation, compact, eyeliner, lipstick, mascara, face wipes, vaseline etc)

When heading to work, you dab your long lasting 9 to 5 makeup, but you would definitely need to touch up with compact when your skin becomes oily and shiny. And for those end moment post-work drinking plans or surprise dates, you should have your signature red lipstick on.

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2. Pen and Notepad

Who carries a notepad anymore? What are phones for? Well, what do you do when your smartphone’s battery ditches you at the last moment? That’s when you wish you had a pen and paper. One advice–be prepared.

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3. Mints/Mouth Fresheners

Definitely one of the most essential elements, you must carry mints at all times. Who would voluntarily agree to snuffle the aromas of garlic, Pont l’Eveque cheese or tobacco from your orifice? Enjoy your mints and those sloppy, sloppy kisses!

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4. Money and Debit Cards

Don’t belittle hard cash for a few debit cards. A few bills in your wallet will help you in case you end up in “Only Cash Accepted” zones. Finding an ATM might not seem the most feasible option either.

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5. Accessories

A strand of pearls, ear studs or a hand cuff might be your life-saver in case of last minute plans. When you get a call from that cutie and he says in his husky tone, “Hey hon, let’s meet after work for drinks,” and you look exactly how you were when you had woken up, a dig in the bag might seem the best fix. Accessorize–it makes up for a casual outfit!

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6. Hairpins/Bands/Safety pins

For those ugly mishaps and rips, always carry safety pins.

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7. Phone charger

Even better if it’s portable. You will need your phone for important calls, as well as while travelling late alone.

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8. Pepper Spray

This one is the most vital. With the increasing number of crimes against women, it is the smartest thing you can keep in your bag. Another reason to keep your handbag organized, you shouldn’t be digging through all the mess looking for your weapon of protection.

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