Masaba Gupta has been balancing quite a few acts, with the various roles she has undertaken, be it that of the Creative Director of Satya Paul, or envisioning and crafting lines such as Masaba and Masaba Lite (targeted at the youth.) The designer has yet again stunned us with her multitasking abilities as she goes on to become master of all trades, launching a capsule collection for e-commerce portal

The e-commerce site which is popular for housing acclaimed designer outfits at affordable prices has a new entrant– Masaba Gupta. With the capsule collection being launched today, that is, 10th September here is all you need to know and click through for affordable designer ensembles.

The aficionado of prints has offered us motifs and styles, inspired from daily life of a commoner. Here are four key prints that will get the best of us this season.

1) Cycle

The motifs have been kept monochrome, by and large. Black cycle motifs against the backdrop of white on maxi dresses, bubble crop tops and shirt dresses look unique and vintage. A splash of colour such as yellow, pink, green brightens up the monochrome ensembles.

2) Typewriter

While owning a vintage typewriter has been on my wishlist since sometime now, with the entry of typewriter motifs in fashion, it temporarily satiates my obsession with the item. If you are a writer, you will definitely find it difficult to resist this one. Matching separates, exhibiting the motif in pair of shorts, crop tops and palazzo pants will add a chic touch to your wardrobe.


I had never imagined wearing a knife motif ensemble, atleast in my sane mind. But that’s what Masaba does to you. She takes the most unexpected things and turns them into pretty motifs. Maxi dresses with monochrome front and bright solid back, long shorts and shirt dresses took a rather wicked turn with knife motifs. Killer, isn’t it?

4) Television

And when we talk of television motifs, we don’t mean the modern LCD slim screens. Think old retro TV sets that remind you of times when there was a lot more meaningful stuff on TV than scripted “reality” shows testing your partner’s fidelity. Nevertheless, we are going nuts over television motif jumpsuits and dresses. Love all things vintage!

Prices range between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 6000