Halloween is just right around the corner and honestly, I am not able to contain the excitement within me. Whether you love to trick or treat, dressing up for the spooky night sets the mood for the party season. The city gets lit up, horror flicks comes to life, fictional characters seem real and weird becomes the new “normal.”

I want to make it a time to remember. I want to laugh, I want to roam free on the night of 31st October, and I want to wear a costume that makes me look scary but not gory. Or maybe I wish to impersonate my favourite character from the movies.

If you are still brainstorming on costume ideas, here’s sharing a list of the ones I believe will make anybody look like a supernatural beauty.

1) Stepford Wives

Sometimes, you don’t need to show a character with wounds or bruises to make them look spooky. If perfection terrifies you, and you would rather be happy in an imperfect world, this one is for you. Wear ultra feminine floral dresses, stilettos or kitten heels and pearls. Salon styled hair will win you brownie points!

2) Wenda of Where’s Waldo?

Take a day off glam and look nerdy for a night. Red and white striped tee and stockings and a blue skirt will make you the twin of Wenda of Where’s Waldo. A beanie and geeky glasses will complete the look.

3) Annabelle

This one is hot property. Released this October itself, Annabelle is an easily recognisable doll that will give people goosebumps to say the very least. Wear a long white maxi dress and tie a red ribbon around the waist. Two plaits and doll makeup are essential to get the desired look.

4) Esther of The Orphan

Another memorable one from The Orphan, be the evil Esther in a plaid dress with peter pan collars and two ponytails. Mary-jane shoes will complete your Esther-esq look.

5) Ariel The Mermaid

To be this red-headed belle, all you need to do is pair green bottoms (plus points if you find a mermaid skirt) with a purple top. However, without a red wig, this look will fall short of being even close to Ariel.

6) Amy Winehouse

Short, bright coloured dress, a sling bag and a few tattoos will make you look like a problematic seductress, Amy Winehouse. To get the look right, don’t forget the exaggerated winged eye-liner and a messy bouffant. Go ahead, be the hot mess.

7) Black Swan

A biggie in India, this movie left us thrilled for quite a while. Be the black swan from the movie with the same name and if you have a BFF along, let her be the white one! It’s sexy as well as iconic. Wear a black tutu skirt, a tube or halter neck top, stick a few black feathers on your outfit. Black swan-like eye makeup and dark oxblood lips will get you the desired look.

8) Khaleesi of Game of Thrones


Another character from a trending series, this one will give you appreciative nods from the men. Wear an halter neck gown in earthy hues, and get some beach waves hair to get this look.

9) Samaara of The Ring

This one’s a classic. A white maxi or midi paired with socks and mary janes will make you look scary as Samaara. Let your hair loose and let them tresses create the necessary spook.

10) Rosie Riveter

Rosie Riveter is the cultural icon of America representing the women working in the factories during World War II. Pair a denim shirt with denim pants or opt for a blue jumpsuit. The essential element here would be the polka dot red head scarf. We would suggest stick on a sign reading “We can do it” We can, can’t we?

11) An Angel

While the world around you is being all things evil, be the good force around. Wear a shimmering top with shorts, fluffies and a white halo. Oh, look, such an angel, aren’t you?

12) The Prom Queen

If you always wanted to be a prom queen but never really got there, dress as one for Halloween, however with a twist. Wear a pink prom dress with a sash declaring your coveted title along with a crown. To make it look like a prom night gone bad, wear zombie-like make up or face paint.

13) Nicki Minaj

I bet you can dress as Nicki Minaj and the costume would pass as an appropriate Halloween costume. Loud, bright colours are her signature style. White and blue pants, a floral bralet and a bubblegum pink blazer will make you look crazy as Minaj. That and her front bangs and bright pink lips.

14) Zombie Cheerleader

Be the zombie cheerleader for the night, and it’s quite easy as well. Wear a sporty cheerleader outfit, buy or DIY pom-poms  and pair it with trendy sneakers. Then give your face a totally different look. Create bruises or apply fake blood, get going with what puts your freak on.

15) Daisy Of The Great Gatsby

Be the iconic Daisy of The Great Gatsby and let the men fight over you. A gold sequinned dress, a metallic foreheadband  will make you sizzle like Daisy. That and all the pearls.

There’s a wide range of things you can be for Halloween, and whether you be a seductress or a zombie, it’s all about having a blast.