Ladies, take a deep breath, there’s a lot of hyperventilation ahead. Temperatures soared high in Mumbai as two of the hottest men from India, Milind Soman and Randeep Hooda launched three new variants of Old Spice at an event in Mumbai.

They inspired Indian men to explore the “mantastic” range of Old Spice deodorants: Sport, Magnate, Fresh, Original, Whitewater, Musk and Fresh Lime. Randeep Hooda, who is an award winning swimmer as well apart from being a charming actor expressed, “My first memories of Old Spice were of watching my father putting it on after a shave and smell super good. I would walk in after him and put it on myself. Every time I opened the bottle, I felt a wave of freshness hit me like the surfing commercial and the music. Ah! The music floated in my ears as the fragrance in my nostrils. I felt all grown up, manly and commanding.”

A visibly elated Milind Soman added, “I am extremely pleased to continue my association with the manliest brand in the world. I’m delighted to be a part of the launch of three new Old Spice deodorants – Sport, Magnate and Fresh – which are the epitome of manliness! As an Old Spice Mantastic man, I want to reach out to all Indian men, to encourage them to strive fearlessly to discover their true manly refined self. It is about taking risks, thinking outside the box and being confident. Being mantastic is to be sophisticated and chivalrous, just like the smell of a man.”

The duo was seen flaunting their manly persona as they appeared on stage in gleaming motorcycle cruisers. While they fenced with a sabre in one hand, they lifted dumbbells with the other. Women were definitely left enthralled with their charismatic acts intended to display their manly side. Stereotypical, I would say though, how about being chivalrous as a manly stint? No?

The sight was exhilarating nonetheless.

FYI, the Old Spice Deos are priced at Rs. 180 for 150 ml.