Chipotle and Carnage. More like a perfect match. There are so many more aspects of DJ Carnage that will spell Entertainment so damn well. The big man finally tours India after a much long awaited wait thanks to the guys at the Sunburn HQ. Part of the On The Road to Goa Tour, Carnage will play in Mumbai on the 5th of December and Pune on the 7th of December.
With our previous conversations with him, we surely know how much he loves his fans. Carnage is definitely the ‘People’s Man’. Prior to his tour, we caught up with the leader of the ‘Chipotle Gang’ himself for a quick chat. Here’s what he had to say:

1) Fans have long awaited to see Carnage live in India. How geared up are you for your first ever India tour?

I’m well aware that I have a following in India. One thing I pride myself in is staying in tune with my fans. This will be my first time playing in India, and my first time in India, period. I’m super-excited. Our flight is tomorrow 6 AM and it’s 2 AM here now. I can’t sleep!

2) Sunburn has been the forefront of Dance Music Entertainment in India which in turn will add up to the excitement. What are you expecting from your first ever tour ?

I honestly have no idea what to expect, but I’m completely down for anything and everything that Sunburn and India has to throw at me. Let’s get it!

3) You have defined a specific personality and style in all your performances. From your stage presence, to the emceeing to always connecting and being closer to your fans. How important is that aspect to package an overall performance?

As mentioned, I really pride myself in staying connected with my fans. Whether it’s through social media or on the mic at one of my shows, I always want to keep the people engaged. It’s not all about me. It’s all about us, and having a good time together. I forever feed off of the people’s energy. The more they give, the more I’m going to give.

Image Credit: Marc Van der Aa

4) Recently at a show in Chicago, you let it rain when you shot out $10,000 from a confetti cannon. What was the thought behind this? What made you do it?

This was actually an idea that my tour manager Mark and me came up with at a strip club in Miami. My foundation is in rap music, and obviously, ‘making it rain’ is a staple in that world. I always want to bridge gaps and introduce new things to people. We honestly couldn’t believe that it’d never been done. Additionally, I thought it was a good way to at least try to give something back to the fans. They pay a lot to go to these shows.
Have a look at the act below:

Post by Carnage.

5) What has been the most memorable performance of your career so far? Probably a career defining gig?

6) We know you love food. Are you looking forward to diving in a sea of Indian curry?

I’ll start with garlic naan and some samosas, and then maybe give the curry a try. I’ll try almost anything once.

Just Think About It….
Image Credit: Sunburn Festival

7) You have worked your way up in great speed. The ‘started from the bottom…now we are here’ slogan when aligned with your career is nothing short of inspiration for many aspiring producers and djs out there. What message do you have for all of them?

Man, as cliché as it’ll sound, just believe in you. There were so many people that told me that this dance shit would never work out for me. People knew me from making rap beats, but this was secretly always my passion. If you want something, you have to go 1000% for it. Lucky for me, a window opened, and I jumped in it quick like a motherfucker. I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.

Catch Carnage at the following cities as part of Sunburn Festival’s On The Road to Goa Tour:

5th December – Mumbai

7th December – Pune

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