Zoiro, the Italian designed premium inner wear brand, launched its new collection ‘Zoiro Party’ – a concept inner wear for men specially meant for occasion of party.

It promises to add vigour, spice and fun for men in this party season. The concept is unique and brought for first time in India. It is designed around various party themes, which include – Animal, Fresh Fruit, Red Chilli, Cheetah, Banana and Superhero prints. It adds zest and oomph to the men’s clothing.

While women have always had an upper hand over fancy inner wear, don’t men deserve the same? Are men open enough to let go of the age old gender stereotypes in terms of fashion and clothing? ”While women flaunt their style in dresses, now men can boast about their Inners”- quips Paola

Do you think men are paying more attention to personal grooming today? “Men are becoming more modern and open towards personal grooming and beauty. If women can be equally skilled at roles that have been perceived as masculine roles, then why can’t men be excellent at taking care of themselves,” opinionated Claudia.

After all, it would definitely be a refreshing change to see men make some efforts in fancy inner wear. Wouldn’t women appreciate their men paying more attention to their grooming when it comes to intimacy? Claudia explains, “I believe it will be a pleasant surprise to see men putting effort for a change in terms of dressing up for intimate moments. I am sure women will appreciate it, since the prints make it vibrant, happy and fun.”

However, would men be hesitant to try out the new trend? “We have seen a huge revolution in Europe in terms of men and attention to style. Why should men be all serious and black and white? A revolution is taking place globally and I am sure Indian men won’t be too far behind. Today’s men are much more evolved and grooming is just a part of the whole process.”