Your cheeks look flushed and you can’t help anticipate that date you’ve been waiting for all week long. Working, slogging your rear off and wondering what will you wear to that fancy restaurant across the town. Hectic schedules and you just couldn’t make time to zero in on a look yet. Don’t you fret, here’s a look that’s bound to make a great impression.

Look ladylike on your date night in a strappy black slit maxi dress. Pair it with gold accessories- a necklace and bracelet will work amazingly. Let your clutch be rather edgy to show off your rather spontaneous and fun side. Lastly, stand tall in black strappy high heels.

Outfit details: Black Maxi- Alice + Olivia, $242.54; Clutch-, $882.78; Necklace- Oscar de la Renta, $694.74; Ring to Wrist bracelet- Chloé, $198; Heels- Liliana, $59.99

You can obviously opt for more affordable options! At the end, what matters is your confidence. Beauty is not skin deep, you have a great mind too.