Raise a toast -with a cold glass of Belgian beer, of course – to the friendship between a Russian and an Australian, dance with Mexicans and Cubans, wave that Swedish or Norwegian flag, wake up in DreamVille next to a Finn and enjoy French croissants with your Spanish neighbours… Tomorrowland is the biggest international festival on the planet. Literally the whole world comes together once a year at De Schorre, with more different nationalities participating in Tomorrowland than the Olympic Games. Last week, the personal message from Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations, was engraved for posterity on a piece of wood that will soon be added to the permanent bridge One World by People of Tomorrow at the recreational domain De Schorre in Boom, and this summer, more bridges will be built too, but they’re going to be digital ones. On Saturday 25 July, a live video connection will be made from Boom to Mexico City and Mumbai and… back again. On two different continents, tens of thousands of guests will be able to experience “UNITE” as one. The magic of Tomorrowland, with local DJs plus a live satellite connection to and from De Schorre in Boom. Building bridges between Belgium and the rest of the world, with plenty of music by the world’s best DJs and the unique, indescribable Tomorrowland atmosphere: that’s UNITE, the mirror to Tomorrowland.

A positive way to bring the entire world together in Boom: that’s what Tomorrowland has been doing for over 10 years at the provincial recreational domain De Schorre, and now, also on two other continents with TomorrowWorld USA and Tomorrowland Brasil. All three of the festivals sell out in no time and this means that a lot of People of Tomorrow have to get left out each time. That’s why, during the 11th edition of Tomorrowland, on Saturday 25 July, there will be a satellite link set up from Boom (Belgium) to two other continents: Latin America and Asia.

Under the title UNITE, the mirror to Tomorrowland, two parties will be held in Mexico City and Mumbai, which will be directly connected, literally, with the festival in Belgium. UNITE will be bringing Love, Unity, Madness and Magic to two stadiums, tens of thousands of kilometres across the globe from Boom. With a healthy dose of Tomorrowland magic, an indoor event will be organised which will be a chance to experience the festival firsthand, from the other side of the world, along with extra local DJ talent and plenty of showmanship and fireworks.

In India, you can party until the break of dawn, while the Mexicans will be just finishing lunch. From Belgium, from 8:30 PM (CET) until midnight, there will be a live satellite link so that the People of Tomorrow in Mexico and India will be able to experience the live-sets by Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren and Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. What’s more, there will also be live sets by local DJ talent, all immersed in that magical Tomorrowland atmosphere with spectacular special effects show to top it off. Unite, experiencing Tomorrowland from 10,000 km away, is Tomorrowland’s way of making the world a little bit smaller, so that people can come together for one memorable musical weekend.

UNITE, the mirror to Tomorrowland
Mexico City & Mumbai
July 25 2015

Love from Belgium to India
UNITE, the mirror to Tomorrowland
Dome, NSCI, Mumbai

• 11:00 PM Doors & local djs
• 12:00 AM UNITE with Martin Garrix
• 01:00 AM UNITE with Armin van Buuren
• 02:15 AM UNITE with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Love from Belgium to Mexico
UNITE, the mirror to Tomorrowland
Palacio de los desportes, Mexico City