Exclusive Interview with Hard Rock Sofa. Here We Go !

Barely a month since their epic performance at the Ultra Music Festival 2013 Main Stage, there are plenty reasons why we got excited to talk over some liquor with Hard Rock Sofa on their maiden India Tour.
Alexander and Denis, came forward as very quiet personalities until they showed us how crazy they can get during the shoot of the official after movie by our production team.
Their track ‘Here We Go’ was also another catalyst that added to the formidable turnout at both the Delhi & Mumbai gigs. Being part of the famous Hollywood franchise ‘Fast and The Furious 6′ soundtrack, Alex & Denis had just as many reasons to claim the rightful throne of being the ‘Real Russian House Mafia’.

Alexander and Dennis, welcome to India. How does it feel to be here?

Alexander: Thank you
Denis: Thank you. We’re feeling good because it’s our first time in India so we’re so excited about all the parties here. We got some great crowd at Delhi yesterday and we already see the club packed today at Mumbai.

What were your expectations from this tour? How has the response been so far?

Denis: The first time I saw our twitter like 2 days ago, I got so many tweets from our Indian fans and this is actually good. So it’s a great with great crowd. It’s just exploding right now in India.

Starting off in 2005, how did the project of Hard Rock Sofa come into existence? And how did

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