We know you are counting down days to the most eagerly awaited music festival this holiday season. Sunburn Goa 2014 is ready to rampage with a line-up that is bigger and better than ever. Apart from the usual commercial heavy-hitters, it is refreshing to see that a number of brilliant genre-defying international and home-grown underground artists have been curated for this years’ edition. If you’re someone who appreciates quality music and are wondering what all acts you’re going to catch, we just made the quest a whole lot easier. Here’s a list of 8 acts that you should witness at any cost!

1. Jamie Jones

This house music legend is the label head of Hot Creations, one quarter of the band Hot Natured and inceptor of the famed Paradise parties. Deep, tech and everything in between, his banging floor-fillers are known to set dance-floors afire with maddening energy. His sets resonate with an infectious feel good vibe that loosens the stiffest shoulders and jetpacks even the most unmoving soles (yes, pun intended).

2. Damian Lazarus

It’s a Crosstown Rebels takeover at Sunburn this year with none other than big daddy wolf Damian Lazarus leading the pack. He is known for his genre-bending experimental production and unusual sets that exemplify everything that is good about weird. True to his label’s namesake, Damian is in constant rebellion breaking generic stereotypes with his eclectic sound.

3. Alo Wala

‘Magic raving. Alo Wala makes your insides vibrate.’ This bombastic live electronic act features Chicago-born rapper Shivani Ahlowalia and Tropical Bass pioneers Copia Doble Systema. Influenced by the sound of Buraka Som Sistema and rooted in hip hop and dancehall from across the continents, Alo Wala adds their own intergalactic twist to generate a truly global bass sound. Yiaw!

4. Eelke Kleijn

A rare talent whose work stretches across movie trailer scores, deep live shows and incredibly well formed production. He crosses the boundary from electronic producer and in to a true modern day composer. With 2 albums already to his name, he has curried favour from an array of industry peers and tastemakers such as Fatboy Slim and Pete Tong.

5. Francesca Lombardo

This unique electronic sculptress and songstress has spun alongside titans like Sven Vath, Agoria and Tobi Neumann at places like Klubbers Festival, Madrid, and Danzoo for Space of Sound, joining the dots between house and techno. Production wise her tracks are all about feeling inspired by a lifetime of listening to the likes of Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin, Plastikman etc. They also reflect her classical piano and opera roots.

6. Sub Focus

Nick Douwma’s rise through the ranks of underground jungle to become a major player in electronic music has been nothing short of spectacular. Initially known for air-punching, dance-floor dismantling drum & bass, Sub Focus has now become synonymous with music that draws from all corners of the electronic landscape.

7. Klingande

Cedric aka Klingande burst into the limelight with his single ‘Jubel’ which went on to become an online sensation gathering an astounding number of hits on YouTube. Klingande is known for his distinctive tropical house-meets-saxophone sound. He also makes prominent use of the piano in his productions which are spun from delicious summertime melodies.

8. Sasha

DJ/producer/remixer Sasha is recognized as one of the worlds’ most innovative icons of the electronic genre. He propels listeners into the future of electronic music by constructing innovative and forward-thinking concept albums (Airdrawndagger, Involver) and live events (Delta Heavy, Fundacion) that blur the boundaries between artist and DJ. He established himself as a formidable, in-demand remixer by reconstructing tracks from an incredible array of artists such as Depeche Mode, Madonna, Seal, UNKLE, The Chemical Brothers, BT, Thom Yorke, and Orbital. Read more about latest fashion news India.